I’m delighted to announce that I have joined Together Fund, a new early-stage venture fund led by two of India’s most respected founders — Girish Mathrubootham of Freshworks and Manav Garg of Eka. Also on board is Shubham Gupta, one of the most founder-friendly investors in our ecosystem.

Looking back, I realise that all the decisions I’ve made and all the work I’ve done, throughout my career, have brought me to this very juncture.

My role as a community builder is what gives me more joy than anything else. The joy of being a connector of brilliant, talented, and ambitious…

“How should we build a community?”

“I like how you have built this community, what should we do to make our community more active?”

I have been getting more such questions recently, from founders and others. It is heartening to see this interest in community building, an area that I stumbled into 18 years ago, but one that has gone on to become the work I cherish. A post by Dharmesh Shah a few days back spoke about #CommunityLedGrowth and that got me thinking about my own community building journey. …

What I learnt after almost 4 years of working at India’s most successful VC firm

Today is my last working day at Accel in India.

If that seems like an inappropriate way to start a post about a VC fund, please bear with me!

Nearly four years back, I joined Accel as a Community Evangelist.

It represented a leap of faith on both sides. For Accel, it was about creating a new role that didn’t have any parallels in the Indian VC ecosystem. For me, it was a jump from the world of startup communities to the world of startup capital — scary and exhilarating at the same time.

At that time, I wasn’t sure…

#Community Building is something that I’ve been doing for the past 18 years. I wasn’t able to gauge it’s true potential initially, but my journey led to a series of invaluable learnings. Posted it as a twitter thread

My fav video on how a movement starts…!

Happy to share them on this thread with an inspiration drawn from @DavidSpinks. Dive in! 👇

  • ☝️ First things first, building a #community begins with meeting people (one at a time) and forming meaningful relationships. Always try and help people first before asking for anything in return!
  • Do not unplug your GIVER switch! 🔌…

It’s that time of the year again when the entire volunteer community starts meeting on a regular basis. After waiting and debating for the last few months, we are finally pleased to announce the OnAir version of the annual edition of the SaaSBOOMi conference.

Some of you might be aware that we were initially planning to do a hybrid version of the conference, where you would have had the option to attend the conference either from the comfort of your homes or physically in your city and network with your friends, etc.

However, signs of worry started emerging as India’s…

This was something that I had written in 2012 when I was joining One97/Paytm

Have you observed a Banyan tree closely? As a fig, it starts its life rather small but with time, it branches out into areas which you’d normally think was inaccessible. If an analogy be drawn — nature with human relationships, then my deep acquaintance with Vijay Sekhar Sharma(VSS), be expressed such. We go a long way back.

My son(Ekansh) was born in the year 2000, a Millennium baby and I was inclined to do something different to make it a memorable moment in time. Something, which…

It was at the end of our 2020 edition that the moment that defines SaaSBOOMi for me happened. This was before the pandemic, remember, and all of us were actually there, in person — founders, volunteers, everyone.

It was around 5 pm, and the evening breezes from the sea were just starting to arrive when Girish Mathrubootham took the stage

He started to talk about how all constraints that we have in the ecosystem are internal. Girish is a wonderful storyteller, and he had the audience spellbound with his experiences of building Freshworks. …

Meet the Batch 2 graduates of Rebound, Accel’s program for entrepreneurs who are starting up again, and apply to be part of Batch 3.

“Love the mission behind Rebound. Second time founders are a rare lot. The quality of interactions is much deeper and there is a lot more cross learning that happens. The sessions were very structured and the team at Accel is easily one of the most humble and approachable VC teams in India,” said Anand Sinha, Co-founder of leap.club

Incisive discussions, a framework to learn and unlearn, unmatched peer learning, a support system — these are just…

You get this when you hit Inbox Zero

As the world reconciles itself to a post-pandemic working environment, one of the things that I guess many of us are doing a lot more of is evaluating new products that can help us negotiate this “new normal” better.

It was during one such search that I found an application that completely fascinated me. This application was interesting not simply because of the way the product was crafted but also in terms of the way it was brought to market.

Say hello to “Superhuman”.

The origin story of India’s biggest virtual SaaS Growth/Marketing Conference

At one of the tea breaks of the Bangalore edition of SaaSBOOMi Enterprise. I bumped into Vivek of iZooto, and he started complaining. Nor did he mince any words. “Boss! Why does everything happen only in Bangalore? Why is nothing happening in Delhi?” I said, “Boss! You know, I am just a facilitator. If you tell me to do it in Delhi, we’ll do it. But you have to get the audience, you have to get the core team organized. Then we can do it.”

He immediately said, “I know many founders in Delhi. Let’s create a group now!” Vivek…

Avinash Raghava

Building @ScaleTogether, Founding Volunteer at @SaaSBOOMi | Past: Community Platform Evangelist @Accel_India. Co-Founded@iSPIRT(@Product_Nation), @NASSCOM

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